CB350 Electronic Ignition System with Electronic Advance for the

 Honda Twin CB350 


Get Rid of Those Points and mechanical advancer!

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 Hall effect sensors, MCU* Advancer, IGBT coil drivers

Dwell: Fixed, 60 degrees
Coil primary resistance: 4.0 to 5.0 Ohms. (Coils not included. Stock coils may be reused or stock equivalent coils)
Operating voltage: 8 to 18 VDC
Operating current: 20 ma
Operating Temperature: -40 to +150C (-40 to 302F)
Spark Advance: Electronic

Plate milled from high quality aluminum.

Rotor with two magnets made from a solid billet of aluminum on a CNC machine.

* Micro Control Unit.

 A self contained complete microprocessor, memory and I/O. This unit contains a look up table for RPM vs degrees of advance and applies the correct advance for engine speed.

Note: Add 10 degrees @ idle to advance degrees for total advance.




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Sensors are individually adjustable for exact matched timing for both cylinders

New Rotor bolts directly on the cam. No more unreliable mechanical advancer!

Fully electronic (MCU) E-Advancer eliminates the unreliable mechanical advancer. Internal lookup table of RPM vs advance degrees is precise.


PAMCO Hall Effect Ignition System

The complete system is $189.95 plus shipping

Price does not include coils. Stock coils may be reused or stock equivalents.

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This system was developed  in answer to the need for a low cost, reliable electronic ignition system to replace the points and advancer on the HONDA  CB350

The system incorporates  Hall effect sensors and a purpose built IGBT coil driver transistors located in the E-Advancer.


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